Benefits to your Company

Why partner with L-EV8?

Customer loyalty programs are notoriously resource-intensive, time-consuming and costly to build, manage and
maintain in-house.

Add to this the difficulty in measuring the directly attributable impact on customer spend or frequency of purchase
and it’s little wonder than many businesses shy away.

But that’s where L-EV8 comes in…

Our loyalty marketing programs are designed and proven to deliver across key business performance metrics:

  • delivering a directly defined and attributable incremental revenue stream
  • generating increased spend and average revenue per user / customer
  • driving repeat purchase from existing customers
  • reducing the cost of new customer acquisition

And all of this comes with no set up costs and low levels of time and resource investment for our clients.

So how do we do it?

Every client L-EV8 works with is also a strategic partner to our business – L-EV8’s business success is inextricably
and directly linked with that of our clients.

By dedicating account management resource to every single client we work with, right from inception, we ensure that
we deliver bespoke loyalty marketing solutions which reflect and respond to their changing individual business

We make this investment and commitment because we know that it optimises the business opportunity for our clients
and enables us to jointly share in the business success for the long term.

Loyalty Marketing Programs that Engage Customers

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Open quote American Express LogoMy experience working with L-EV8 has been nothing short of exceptional. They added substantial incremental revenue to my bottom line, helped me grow my business and greatly improved customer loyalty.

Chris Spratling, former CEO, Reader's Digest