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Great British Discounts…

Great British Discounts has been specifically designed to appeal to a wide audience offering the broadest range of discounts of any of our programs.

Coupled with the core portfolio of on-going member discounts and benefits, we have also introduced the new feature of time-limited tactical discounts and promotions.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, all of this has been wrapped up within an enhanced online membership portal enabling members to browse, filter and select from the latest offers in real-time, many of which are now redeemable via mobile and smartphones. Click here to take a look for yourself.

Loyalty Marketing Programs that Engage Customers

Click for moreWe provide custom loyalty marketing programs that add brand value and generate new revenue streams for your business.
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Open quote American Express LogoMy experience working with L-EV8 has been nothing short of exceptional. They added substantial incremental revenue to my bottom line, helped me grow my business and greatly improved customer loyalty.

Chris Spratling, former CEO, Reader's Digest